Janis Veveris
rofessional Latvian translation and editorial services
since 1985







    My name is Janis Veveris and I provide professional translation and editorial services exclusively into my native language, Latvian (LV).

    My source languages are English (UK, US), French as well as Russian and my success has been built on the strongest of foundations  expert quality and experience obtained during more than two decades of work in publishing.

    1999-present | full-time freelance translator/editor
    Latvian and foreign translation agencies and corporate clients
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    1992-1999 | senior editor/translator
    Artava Publishers (service manuals, reference books, user guides, non-fiction, fiction; EN, FR, RU > LV)

    1990-1999 | freelance translator/editor
    Latvian publishing houses and companies, foreign translation agencies and corporate clients
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    1985-1991 | editor/translator/copy editor
    Weekly Orbit (electronics manufacturing and innovations, LV < > RU)

    1983-present | freelance reviewer
    The National Radio of Latvia, national newspapers (Latvian literature, culture)

    1980-present | writer
    Fiction, lit-crit, etc.
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    1978-1982 | reporter
    National Radio of Latvia

    1985 | The State University of Latvia
    Latvian philology, MA

    Agriculture, environment and ecology, forestry
    Service/user manuals, etc.
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    Automotive industry, farming and construction machinery
    Service/user manuals, etc.
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    Engineering documentation, patents
    Automation and robotics, bicycle technologies, electricity supply, food processing, heavy equipment, manufacturing, MSDSs, plumbing and heating installations, transportation and shipping, GPS, ventilation and air conditioning, photography, printing, etc.
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    Human and veterinary medicine, pharmacology
    Anatomy, cardiology, dentistry, diagnostics, medical electronics and equipment, biomedical instrumentation (for imaging, diagnostic, and therapeutic applications), DICOM, IFUs, PILs, SPCs, etc.
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    IT & T
    Hardware, software, localisation, systems and networks, telecom appliances, etc.
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    Law enforcement, military, defence, customs
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    Office equipment, consumer electronics, household appliances
    Service/user manuals, etc.
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    Public relations, financial, marketing, advertising, human resources, journalism, psychology, sociology
    Annual & interim reports, adaptation, branding evaluation, brochures, health and safety, multimedia, press releases, professional codes, web sites, etc.
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    Feature films, documentaries
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    1996 | The Writers' Union of Latvia

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